Flag size_ Introduction to common flag sizes
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Flag size_ Introduction to common flag sizes

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The team flag generally refers to the leader flag used for outdoor activities, mainly including the team flag used for camping, outdoor expansion, travel, public welfare activities, volunteer activities, etc; The content of the flag can be a slogan, special pattern, logo, etc. As the beauty of a group or team, the outdoor team flag contains the temperament of a team or team, highlights the cultural concept of the team, reflects the spiritual style of the team, and shows the personality characteristics of the team, which is of great significance to a team. Therefore, the characteristics and style of the team should be considered in the design of the outdoor team flag.

Flag size

1. Volunteer service team flag size: 96*144cm and 128*192cm, equipped with 3M stainless steel telescopic flagpole (cheering team flag, outdoor activity team flag size / flagpole are also configured in this way, so there is no separate description).

2. Guide flag size: 30*45cm, 35*50cm, 40*60cm, equipped with 90cm/120cm/150cm stainless steel telescopic flagpole.

3. Outdoor Flag size: 60*90cm, 80*120cm, equipped with 150cm long stainless steel telescopic flagpole.

4. The size of the team flag at the entrance of the sports meeting: 128*192cm. When the athletes enter the stadium, the team flag held by the leader is equipped with a 3M stainless steel telescopic flagpole.

Flag material

The outdoor team flag customization mostly adopts tapering fabric (polyester fabric is what we often call national flag fabric, flag fabric, double transparent fabric, Chunya textile), as well as warp knitted fabric, Oxford fabric, color Ding fabric and other fabrics, using digital jet printing technology, which has the characteristics of fast delivery, low price, excellent quality, water resistance and sun resistance. Our factory specializes in providing all kinds of outdoor flag design, Outdoor Flag customization, professional equipment, professional technology, reliable quality and reasonable price.

Guide flagpole

Flagpole of team flag

The flagpole of the team flag is generally a retractable portable stainless steel flagpole. The retractable flagpole has five sizes to choose from:

A. 90cm, 20cm after shortening, equipped with 30*45, 35*50, 40*60 outdoor team flags; B. 120cm, 20cm after shortening, equipped with 40*60, 50*80 team flags; C. 150cm, 25cm after shortening, equipped with 50*80, 60*90, 80*130 flags; D. There are two kinds of 200cm models: one is thick, with a shrinkage of 100cm, and the other is as thin as the previous three, with a shrinkage of 25cm. Both models can be equipped with flags of 80*130 and 96*144; E. After 300cm is shortened, 150cm is equipped with 96*144, 128*192 flags, or can be barely equipped with 160*240 flags; Users can choose the outdoor flag pole according to their customized flag size.

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